Design and implementation of technical projects

We perform any work in gardens using the necessary technological systems, appropriate plant species and the necessary machinery, thus creating, green areas in which their best ideas will be reflected in your garden.

Gardens maintenance

We have a service of Integral maintenance of your garden that includes the following important points of the same.


  1. Visits scheduled with each client to take care of the needs of each garden.
  2. Cutting grass with specialized according to the kind of turf machinery.
  3. Fisotenarios of plants and lawn treatments.
  4. Cleaning, labra and digging pits.
  5. Rational pruning plants, shrubs and the seasons of the year.
  6. Revisions and modifications of the irrigation system so that cover all the water needs of the garden.
Trees and palms pruning

Gardens and swimming pools Borrego S.L. It has a human team rigorously for the execution of works of pruning height, the necessary tools and equipment safety and preventive measures of security for each job. All our workers are qualified and up-to-date occupational courses. Our company has an insurance policy of civil liability coverage for each job.

Plants debris removal

We have the infrastructures of various trucks for removal of crop residues.

Containers rental

With different measures according to the needs of each job and customer.

Removals with crane trucks