Swimming pools

Pools Construction and Reform

Gardens and swimming pools Borrego S.L has for this type of work a team composed of an Industrial Engineer, a quantity surveyor and the necessary technological equipment for the realization of such projects.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We have a technical department which is responsible for the maintenance of your pool. This service includes the following major points:

  1. Pool cleaning and maintenance of the same with visits scheduled with the customer.
  2. Technical service for equipment repairs (filtration, plumbing, lighting, pumps, filters, etc. )
Leaks location and repairing

We have equipment for detection and settlement of losses

Sea salt, PH and chlorine dispenser installation

Gardens and swimming pools Borrego S.L. It is Installer authorized for installation of dispensers for private swimming pools and public.

We work with different brands, in this way, for us to adapt, in the most economical manner possible, to the needs of each client.

Technical reports and adaptation to regulations

Our Technical Department makes reports on pools of area public (communities, hotels, complexes) with impairments that do not comply with the regulations in force. We present reports and budgets with adaptations and modifications without any commitment.

Supply of chemical products and accessories for pools

We have service home delivery of chemicals and accessories of swimming pools which can perform his budget request and the distribution and delivery is free.